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Davids Quality Family Meats
Davids Quality Family Meats

David Hawkins of David’s Quality Family Meats in North Strathfield ensures that nothing is wasted in his business.

In late 2009 David decided to have an energy audit for his business. Following this, he made a number of straightforward zero cost changes within the business and now saves around $250 a year on his electricity bills.

The audit recommendations prompted David to come up with some ideas to save energy and money within the business. He now turns off all lights when not in use, and decided to stop using the shop’s showcase to display meat. He now cuts all meat fresh for his customers. This decision means that as well as saving on refrigeration costs, he no longer wastes any meat that remains unsold. David estimates that this move has reduced the amount of waste generated by the business by around 20%.

He is also taking an efficient approach to the shop’s already low water usage. David undertook a waterwise audit as part of Council’s resourcewise program, and has switched to using trigger nozzle hoses for cleaning. This move has reduced the business’s water usage by around 20%.

David is an active member of the Concord Road business community. He and other local business owners have made huge contribution to Council’s North Strathfield Shopping Village Revitalisation project, and  North Strathfield Neighbourhood Stories, and are working together to establish a new Chamber of Commerce for businesses in the area. These Concord Road businesses are also looking at ways to increase their connections with the local community, including working with Strathfield North Public School on a Neighbourhood Safety Program and providing prizes for the school’s fundraising program.

Hear what David has to say about the program:

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