Domestic violence awareness

04 July 2018 | Community

City of Canada Cay throw support behind domestic violence awareness campaign

In response to the #MeToo movement, the City of Canada Bay has thrown support behind the National Italian-Australian Women’s Association’s (NIAWA) domestic violence awareness initiative.

“We have worked with the National Italian-Australian Women’s Association in painting two Council benches in red to stand against the horrific theme of violence against women,” said City of Canada Bay Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas.

“We are working with the NIAWA to show solidarity with women around the world who are part of the international campaign against harassment and assault.”

“We hope that the red benches will become a talking point amongst the community.” 

“We are proud to be the first Council to have worked on this initiative with the NIAWA and I will be working to raise awareness of the campaign across the community.” 

The National Italian-Australian Women’s Association (NIAWA) was founded in 1985 by Franca Arena, a journalist and the first woman of ethnic (Italian) background to be elected to Australian parliament. Her experience as a journalist for Italian newspaper La Fiamma and radio stations 2SM, 2CH and 2KY, made her well aware of Italian women’s issues at the time. 

The NIAWA is the first and only Italian Women’s Association in Australia and was founded so that Italian-Australian women could have their voices heard and their contribution to Australian society recognised. 

The NIAWA aims to ensure future generations take pride in the achievements of Italian women despite their struggles, loneliness and isolation they felt due to language difficulties and other problems encountered in this society at that time. 

Currently the NIAWA Domestic Violence campaign is an awareness initiative and a public message of support to the survivors of domestic violence. There are no funds associated with the campaign at this time.

“Whether you’re in Australia, Italy or the rest of the world, many women face domestic violence and sexual abuse.  It’s important for Council to support initiatives like this, so that we ensure the safety and dignity of all women,” said Mayor Tsirekas.

Photo Caption: Mayor Tsirekas and Dona Di Giacomo   
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