Cintra Park car park map
Cintra Park car park map


E-waste refers to old electrical appliances either in a state of disrepair or simply obsolete. This includes everything from computers and their accessories, mobile phones, televisions, hairdryers and power tools.

Recycling E-waste

It is important to divert e-waste from landfill as it generates hazardous toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. These toxins are released into soil and groundwater when these items are buried in landfill. Correct disposal of e-waste is vital to achieving a sustainable future.

For disposal options available throughout the year, see the following organisations:

FREE Residential E-waste Drop-Off Day

The City of Canada Bay hosts the event annually in February each year at Cintra Park car park, Canada Bay for residents of the Canada Bay Local Government Area. 

Event details - coming soon for 2018



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