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Eat Taste Create
Eat Taste Create

The City of Canada Bay has received an Environmental Trust grant as part of the Love Food Hate Waste Program. With NSW households throwing away an average of $2.5 billion worth of food every year (according to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency), we are committed to reducing the amount of food waste ending up in landfill.

For the first time, we are collaborating with local restaurateurs to host a series of intimate, sustainable 'Eat Taste Create' dinners, which will educate both business owners and diners about how to avoid food waste.

As part of the series, local chefs will shed light on their sustainable culinary practices such as 'whole of ingredient' or 'nose to tail' cooking, many of which result in zero wastage! They will also impart (some) of their expert knowledge on creating tasty, sustainable cuisine, reducing food waste and saving money.  

Sample a delicious, three-course menu, learn about unique ways to slash food waste when dining out and take home some great ideas. Perhaps you could integrate some 'food waste avoidance' methods when cooking your next home-cooked meal?

Guests will walk away with recipes of dishes sampled at the dinner to whip up at home plus a Sustainable Food goodie bag! Here's a little snap of what you will experience at one of our events:

Eat Taste Create

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