FuturesPlan20 community panel

The FuturesPlan20 Community Panel is an important way Council seeks the input of the local community on a variety of issues. By joining the Panel, you can provide valuable feedback, opinions and ideas on issues that face the City, and help us determine the best way to tackle them.

What issues are considered by the panel?

The subject areas considered by the Panel are as varied as Council's operations are. Any area in which Council is involved could be something on which the Panel becomes engaged.

What's involved in being a panellist?

The way each consultation is undertaken will vary to best suit the issues being considered. In some consultations you will be provided with written information packages and asked to provide a response (usually by survey or similar method). In other cases you may be asked to participate in a phone survey, a focus group/workshop or even to seek feedback from your extended network of family, friends and neighbours. You can be participate in as many or as few consultations as you wish, and provide us with a little or as much detail in your comments as you would like to or are able to.

Who can be involved?

Anyone who lives, works or has an interest in the City of Canada Bay can join the FP20 panel.


Council is committed to protecting the privacy of members of the community who participate in the FuturesPlan20 Panel. The supply of personal information is voluntary and Council will collect the personal information for statistical use and direct contact only.

How do I sign up?

You can register to be a panel member by completing this online registration.

When you sign up to the Panel, you will receive a welcome pack with full details of the Panel's operation. 

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