For New Book Groups

Five Dock Library Reading Group
Five Dock Library Reading Group

Are You Interested in Starting a Book Group?

If Yes, Follow These Simple Steps!


  • Find some other people to join (friends, colleagues, locals) 
  • Choose a book. If you don’t know what to read, click on 
    one of the reading lists at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read the book and make some notes while you read 
  • Give other people enough time to read the book 
  • Set a convenient meeting time for everybody 
  • Decide on where you will meet and how (e.g. over coffee/tea or dinner) 


  • At your first meeting, introduce each other and your reading interests 
  • Lead the first book discussion to get things rolling 
  • Volunteer some information about the book and the author.
    Literary Reference Centre Plus is a good source for author information.
  • Prepare some questions  for discussion. You might find some
    book discussion questions at Good Reading Online.
  • Give everybody a chance to voice their views and reading experience
  • Relax and have a good time 


  • Decide on a regular meeting time (e.g. Second Tuesday of each month at 10am) 
  • Set some simple rules for your meetings (how much to read, politeness, talking in turns, etc.) 
  • Choose some future books for discussion (consider genre, era, place, style, writers, plot) 
    You can find similar authors and 'read alike' books at Novelist Plus and Who Else Writes Like.
  • Select a way to remind people of your next meeting (phone message, e-mail, SMS, etc.) 


  • Keep some records of books discussed, members contact details and how things went 
  • Select a club secretary who sends out reminders, keeps notes on meetings and books read 
  • Choose a leader for your book discussions or take turns on the leadership 
  • Contact us or your local library for further information and resources 
  • Send us your reading list via e-mail and we will help with sourcing of books.
Page last updated on: 31/10/17

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