Positive Ageing Strategy

Seniors Art Classes
Seniors Art Classes

We have all heard about Australia's ageing population. It is good news! As a community, we are healthier and more active than any generation that has gone before us - so we are living longer. At the same time our birth rate is falling and we also have the baby boomer generation moving through to older age groups.

Currently in NSW about 13% of the population is over 65. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that this will increase to 19% by 2021 and almost 27% by 2051. 

The City of Canada Bay has developed a Positive Ageing Strategy after a comprehensive consultation period. This consultation involved service providers and recipients, carers, community groups and residents. 

It is recognised that the consequences of the demographic change will be far reaching. Councils need to plan and advocate for the different needs in areas such as housing, service provision and transport. Council's role is to protect public health by planning for a safe and healthy urban environment. This includes:

  • A role as regulator for health protection.
  • Providing health promotion and prevention programs through community education focusing on key health issues.
  • Providing an environment that facilitates physical activity; ensuring access to affordable, healthy food.
  • Providing good mobility and preventing injury in the public places through urban planning. 

Council will now be working to meet the objectives of the Positive Ageing Strategy.

Page last updated on: 03/09/15

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