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Sponsorship and Council is a two-way street. We seek sponsorship support from businesses for our community events and provide funding for non-Council events and activities. 

Sponsoring Council events

City of Canada Bay is home to a dynamic and enthusiastic community with a passion for celebration, enjoyment, learning and recognition. Our community and business events programs bring together residents and business operators at festivals, local village parties, seminars, award ceremonies plus others.

The events program ranges from intimate, local initiatives with small audiences to our large scale annual street festival, Ferragosto, which draws up to 100,000 people.

Council seeks sponsorship from businesses in the community to fund additional resources, which enhance the facilities, activities and programs provided to the City of Canada Bay, as well as provide exposure for businesses.

To find out more, please read Council's Sponsorship Opportunities 2017. For any enquiries, please contact the Sponsorship and Marketing Coordinator on 9911 6555.

Companies or businesses wishing to enter into a sponsorship arrangement with the City of Canada Bay Council are required to submit a Proposal to Sponsor City of Canada Bay form.  This information will be used by Council to evaluate the potential sponsorship relationship and to determine if any risks exist which may affect the integrity of either party.

Council sponsored events

The City of Canada Bay is committed to supporting various projects, events, services and activities through sponsorship agreements which benefit the City of Canada Bay community. Council supports a broad range of events in the local area through partnership projects and memorandums of understanding.

Two funding rounds are available each year:

Round One applications are open from Saturday, 1 April until Wednesday, 31 May 2017, for events or initiatives held from 1 July to 31 December 2017.

Round Two applications are open from Friday, 1 September to Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 for events or initiatives for events or initiatives from 1 January to 30 June 2018. 

Council has adopted the Community Sponsorship Guidelines. Please read and follow these guidelines before applying for sponsorship from Council.

Applications can be made by completing and returning the Seeking Sponsorship from City of Canada Bay Council Application Form.

If your Sponsorship application includes a request to use a Council venue, equipment or facility, you must also complete a separate Event Booking Application Form.

For more information, please contact Council on 9911 6555 or council@canadabay.nsw.gov.au.

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