Planning Proposal - 160 Burwood Road Concord

The City of Canada Bay has received a Planning Proposal to rezone land at 160 Burwood Road, Concord.

The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the land from IN1 General Industrial to B4 Mixed Use to facilitate the future development of the site for shops and residential apartments. The Planning Proposal also includes a Letter of Offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement.

Given the strong interest of residents in the future of this site, we want to provide local residents an overview of the process the City of Canada Bay will follow to review the Planning Proposal and ensure that the local community has the ability to provide comment and input.

To commence the process, the following three steps will be undertaken by Council:

1. An assessment of the Planning Proposal;
2. Refer the Planning Proposal application for independent advice, including to the Canada Bay Local Planning Panel;
3. A report will then be prepared for consideration at a future Council meeting. At this meeting Council will decide whether the proposal has sufficient merit to be forwarded to the Minister for Planning and Environment.

Should Council resolve to support the Planning Proposal, the Minister or his delegate will then decide whether the Planning Proposal should proceed, and if so, will confirm the community consultation that is to be undertaken.

At this point in the process, all residents and landowners likely to be impacted will be notified and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Planning Proposal in the form of written submissions to Council. All submissions received in relation to the exhibited Planning Proposal will be reviewed and a report on the outcome of the exhibition will be prepared for consideration at a Council meeting. At the meeting, Council will determine whether the Planning Proposal should be approved or refused.

Due to the strong local interest in this site, we want to ensure that the community has ample opportunity to be informed, and to provide input. As such, the City of Canada Bay will also make a request that the applicant consult directly with the local community.

A copy of the Planning Proposal and supporting information is provided under Related documents below. Hard copies of the Planning Proposal can also be viewed at the City of Canada Bay Administration Centre in Drummoyne or at Concord Library.

Should you have any questions with respect to the above information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team on 9911 6410.


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