2018 City of Canada Bay Photography Competition

By Michael McCarthy
By Michael McCarthy

Smart cities use intelligent design, technology, creativity, and data analysis to improve quality of life and growth for the community. The City of Canada Bay is working on a smart city plan for our local government area, and this photography competition is all about highlighting what makes our City smart. 

The City of Canada Bay is inviting the community to send in photos taken of the local area; everything from nature, places and communities that reflect our smart city. The competition is free to enter and open to all residents and visitors to the City of Canada Bay. Employees of the City of Canada Bay and their immediate families are ineligible to enter. COMPETITION NOW CLOSED.


Our theme for this year's competition is what makes the City of Canada Bay a smart city. Prizes will be awarded according to the three categories outlined below. The categories also include some examples to inspire budding photographers. 

Category 1 - Smart Nature 

Nature is full of intelligent design. For example, bees are incredibly smart, despite their miniscule brains. The honey bee is the world's most important pollinator of food crops and it's estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination by bees and other insects, birds and bats. 

Plants are no less clever, responding to gravity, light, moisture, temperature, sound and touch. Sunflowers move, reacting to sunlight; wounded tomatoes produce methyl jasmonate as an alarm signal, the Venus flytrap selectively preys on beetles, spiders and other crawling arthropods and mangroves filter our excess nutrients from pollution in the water, often referred to as "the kidneys of the waterways".  

Category 2 - Smart Places 

The City of Canada is investing in becoming a truly smart city, a city which uses technology and data to drive its activity, enable innovation and improve its sustainability in terms of managing energy, resources and services. Smart cities are people-focused, with the aim of improving people's experiences of the place so that it better meets their needs. 

The Connection at Rhodes is an all-purpose space, designed for people to meet, learn and connect. In the Learning Space, there are workshops on the latest digital technology and in The Digital Gallery there are digital art exhibitions. The venue has a passive solar design with 99kW solar panels on the roof.

Council has also introduced smart bins which use solar energy to compress waste. Cloud software alerts Council staff, helping them to track overflow, providing efficient information for collection.

Category 3 – Smart People and Communities

We would like to see images of smart people making a difference in our community, such as images of diverse communities collaborating, engineers working to improve our area, lab technicians experimenting, creative communities creating or students striving for smartness.


All artworks will be displayed at the Sustainability Awards event on Monday, August 27, 2018. An artwork exhibition will also be displayed at the digital gallery at The Connection on Monday 27, 2018 and will run for two weeks. The top twelve photos will also be displayed at Concord Library along with education material where appropriate from Wednesday 29, 2018.


2017 City of Canada Bay Nature Photography Competition finalists

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