Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Aboriginal and Australian Flags
Aboriginal and Australian Flags

The City of Canada Bay is part of the traditional lands of the Wangal clan, one of the 29 tribes of the Eora nation. The Wangal people inhabited what is now known as the City of Canada Bay for thousands of years prior to European settlement.  The Wangal people held a deep connection to the land and landscape of the City of Canada Bay, the bush lands and foreshore areas were their lands, their home and part of the territory they were responsible for. 

Traditionally, the lives of the Wangal people were strongly focused around the harbour and its foreshore.  The local area of Hen and Chicken Bay was traditionally a major meeting place for Aboriginal people from Port Jackson and the wider Sydney region and as such is a significant cultural and historical site within our City.  The Parramatta River, as it is now known, provided a large focus for local traditional food gathering, however the Wangal people also hunted animals, harvested plants and gathered raw materials in the local area. 

Today, some Aboriginal people living in the area may still have ties to the Wangal people and the Eora nation while others living in the City are likely to have ties with other parts of NSW and Australia.

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