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The City of Canada Bay supports local business and industry by facilitating and promoting programs which encourage business retention, investment and growth.

Sustainable businesses contribute to the development of liveable, healthy communities while maintaining vibrant and thriving economic growth and local employment opportunities.

Doing business in the City of Canada Bay is good business sense and this section provides information to assist you in establishing and growing a business.  

The City of Canada Bay is a fast growing business region positioned within ten kilometres of Sydney's central business district, hosting a diverse and vibrant economy from small neighbourhood village centres to significant ‘A’ grade corporate developments. Local employment is trending upwards and the City boasts a diverse and vibrant economy with strong economic outlook.

Our population is nearly 85,000 and growing at a rate of 3% a year – that’s faster than any other local government area in NSW.

The City of Canada Bay is intent on attracting investors and entrepreneurs who will contribute to our sustainable future and benefit from our fast growing population and well placed business precincts. 

Further information

The City of Canada Bay’s  Place Management Team is your business and investment facilitation team, providing advice and referral to assist you with business success. For further information on these programs, please contact the the Team on 9911 6555 or email

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Business Advice and Assistance

The City of Canada Bay partners with Clearly Business Enterprise Centre (CBEC) to deliver local business advisory services from the City of Canada Bay's Five Dock Library.

Australian Business Portal offers you simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services you need. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business.

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