Construction process


View the seven steps below to find out more information about the construction process. Each step includes a link to the relevant application form.

Note: This is a general guide of the steps involved in the construction process only.  In some cases there may be additional steps that are required to be completed throughout the construction phase, for example when an application has deferred commencement conditions.

Step 1 - Application for Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate

Step 2 - Issue of Construction Certificate / Complying Development Certificate

Step 3 - Appointment of principal certifying authority

Step 4 - Notice of commencement

Step 5 - Critical stage inspections

Step 6 - Issue of Occupation Certificate

Step 7 - Refund of damage deposit

Page last updated on: 22/01/13

Council's Certification Team

For specialist building certification work on all residential and commercial developments contact the City of Canada Bay's Certification Team on 9911 6407 or visit the Certification Team webpage below:

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