Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity
Cultural diversity

The City of Canada Bay is a culturally rich and diverse community with different groups of people residing, studying and working in its suburbs.

Our population springs from a wide variety of countries of origin, including Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Greece, and many more making it a harmonious and culturally diverse community to live in.

Our City has a high level of cultural and ethnic diversity with over 31% of the population born overseas and over 24% from non-English speaking backgrounds. The dominant non-English speaking country of birth in the City of Canada Bay is Italy, where 6.2% of the population were born. However the most significant changes in the population have been from those born in China, The Republic of South Korea and India.

The City of Canada Bay has over 61% of the population who speak English only, and over 31% speak a non-English language. The dominant language spoken at home, other than English, in City of Canada Bay is Italian, with over 10.2% of the population using this language.

The most significant changes in the spoken languages of the population in City of Canada Bay have been for those speaking Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2006, 2001, 1996, and 1991.

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