DA pre-lodgement written advice

Due to the complexity of some types of development proposals, Council encourages prospective applicants to obtain more detailed professional advice than is available through the Duty Planner service.

The Development Application Pre-Lodgement written advice service is run by a senior member of Council's Statutory Planning Services staff and includes advice provided by our stormwater engineers, heritage advisor, building surveyors, and environmental health staff.  If the particular proposal warrants more input, advice from other technical staff within Council can also be provided.

Council charges a fee for this service and the relevant fees can be found on the DA Fees and Charges  page

A senior planner will carry out an initial review of your proposal and forward your plans to all relevant technical staff for comment and feedback. Your proposal may also be referred to Council's Design Review Panel for advice (if this is required you will be notified of the date for the Panel meeting and you will be given instructions on how to pay the additional fee). A written response detailing all of Council's comments on the proposal will be provided to you as soon as possible after the application is received.  Generally, written advice is provided within two to three weeks of receipt of your Pre-Lodgement application.

The objectives of this service are: 

  • To ensure that your development application, once it is lodged, is dealt with quickly by reducing the need for negotiations and requests for additional information or amendments to your proposal during the development assessment process; and
  • To encourage all development applications that have been through the Pre-Lodgement Process to meet Council's and the community's expectations; and
  • To encourage good environmental planning and urban design outcomes; and
  • To provide an efficient and effective service to prospective applicants while ensuring that the expectations of the community and Council are taken into consideration.

For more information on the Panel, please refer to the Development Application Pre-Lodgement Written Advice Application Form.

Note: Should you require any clarification or wish to meet with Council staff following receipt of Council's written advice, a meeting can be arranged for this purpose upon request and at no additional cost.

Page last updated on: 18/12/17

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