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Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Power Purchase Agreement 

The City of Canada Bay has entered into a contract to purchase renewable energy from a Moree Solar Farm. The new agreement means that 20% of all Council's electricity usage will be solar powered, meeting most of our daytime electricity needs and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by over 1,000 tonnes each year. 

Sustainable event management

In June 2011, Council adopted the Sustainable Event Management policy. This policy ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability outcomes are considered when planning and running events. Council is committed to reducing the impacts of all events at Council managed sites and venues, and is currently developing tools and resources to help staff and the community run more sustainable events. Event sustainability will be achieved through sourcing appropriate suppliers, sustainable procurement and managing energy, waste and water use. Council is undertaking works to improve energy and water efficiency at many Council operated venues.

If you are a community member and would like to hire Council facilities to organise an event, we strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines.

Incorporating sustainability principles into your event planning and management can have many benefits, including;

  • environmental savings through minimising the use and waste of energy, water and other resources
  • financial savings
  • supporting local business and suppliers
  • building a positive reputation for your organisation or group
  • the opportunity to foster more sustainable behaviours and raise awareness.

Event sustainability - where to start?

Include sustainability principles into all aspects of planning, running and reviewing your event will help you to plan for improved environmental, economic and social outcomes next time.

Participant numbers, whether the venue is inside or outdoors, accessibility by public transport, and whether you are providing food are some of the factors that will affect the sustainability of your event.

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For more information on Council's energy saving programs please refer to our Greenhouse Action Plan.

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Sustainability Awards program

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