Fencing Styles

Fence styles and types
Fence styles and types

Fencing is one of the most important elements in the presentation of your house. The design of your fence should complement the style of your house. This can be achieved by building your fence of materials and colours that relate to the materials and colours used in the house.

Fence design changes with different architectural periods and styles. If you are lucky enough to have early photographs of your house, these might provide valuable clues for the original design of the fence that was built for your house. A general guideline of the most common types of fencing found in the City of Canada Bay for different house styles is given below:

Style Fence Type
Victorian Cottage Timber picket
Woven wire
Victorian Italianate Iron palisade
Victorian Gothic Iron palisade up to 1200mm high
Timber picket fence up to 900mm high
  Woven wire
Federation  Masonry pier and panel
Up to 1200mm high including a brick base up to 450mm high 
  Timber Picket (square topped) 
  Solid masonry 
  Woven wire 
  Brick pier and panel 
Inter-War  Solid masonry 
  Woven wire

Please view fence styles below or download a copy of Council's Types of Fencing Fact Sheet.

Please note that properties that are listed as heritage items or are located in conservation areas may be required to lodge an application for Maintenance and Minor Work prior to constructing a new fence. For further information contact Council's Duty Planner on 9911 6555 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 1pm.

Timber picket fences

Iron palisade

Masonry Pier and Panel

Solid masonry

Retaining walls

Woven wire

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