Let's put litter in its place

Litter Methodology
Litter Methodology

What is going on?

Research shows that most residents in the City of Canada Bay find litter a nuisance. Even though most of us believe littering is wrong, many of us will litter at some point in our lives. Sometimes we litter by accident or perhaps we think it does not matter (in the case of an apple core) as it will decompose, or maybe we place an item next to a full bin thinking it will be cleaned up. Litter is not only a visual eyesore, it also damages the habitats of native animals, pollutes our waterways and costs money to clean up. 

What are we going to do about it?

The City of Canada Bay aims to reduce litter by 50 per cent by 2021. To get there Canada Bay has developed a Litter Strategy.  

How will we do that?

Over the next five years, Council will launch various projects that target litter.  The actions range from preventative measures, which focus on behaviour and community pride, to management initiatives, which focus on our assets, infrastructure and cleansing. 

Can I get involved?

Yes you can. We can’t reduce litter by 50 per cent without your support. As a business owner, school, member of a community group or resident, you can make a difference. Look out for opportunities to participate on Council’s website and social media channels. Or, if you have a great idea to combat litter please get in touch with us via email and we will discuss if we can make it happen.

Canada Bay litter facts

Report litter from vehicles

Choose refill over landfill

Love Your Place program

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Report Illegal Dumping

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