The war on pet waste
Tue, 08/07/2018 - 14:28

The City of Canada Bay’s war on dog poo is in full swing, and so far, has yielded almost pawfect results.

“A few months ago, we began a campaign to clean up our City and educate the community about responsible pet ownership,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

Sustainability officers have spoken to hundreds of pet owners about this issue. They have also been conducting dog poo audits in parks and open spaces across Rhodes since March to gauge problem areas and inform the best places to install new dog poo bag dispensers and bins.

There has been a 28 per cent overall reduction in dog poo across four audited parks so far. The stand out park is Phoenix Park upper in Rhodes where dog litter has dropped by over 50 per cent. “As a pet-friendly Council, we know how much people adore their companion animals,” Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said. “We are passionate about making sure every dog-friendly park is green and clean for all canines and their companions to enjoy.”  “We will continue to educate pet owners to clean up after their pets, bag it and bin it – it's all part of our campaign to encourage responsible pet ownership and keep our spaces clean and pristine.” There are currently just over 8000 dogs registered with the City of Canada Bay. Pet registration has risen significantly over the past 10 years, with Council’s records showing that only 383 dogs were registered with Council in 2008.