Permit eligibility and parking policy

Permit Parking Schemes have been installed around the City Canada Bay to manage and share parking in locations of high demand. Council has four types of permit schemes in place: Resident Parking Schemes, Visitor Parking Schemes, Business Parking Schemes and Parks Parking Schemes.

There are strict rules governing permit applications and the use of permits. In accordance with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requirements and Council's On-Street Parking Policy, only certain properties are eligible to receive a permit.

Council does not send individual reminders regarding permit expiry. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure they renew their permit before the expiry date. Failure to display a valid permit may result in the issuing of an infringement notice.

Resident Parking Schemes

The Resident Parking Scheme allows residents who have inadequate off-street parking to apply for permits to park in their street or neighbouring streets without time restriction. Non-permit holders must comply with the 2P or 3P time restrictions in these areas. The number of permits which can be issued to residents is limited by the number of off-street parking spaces which you have and the number of vehicles registered to your address.

Resident Parking Permits are valid until 30 June 2018.

Streets with Resident Parking Permits

Drummoyne - Area 1
Arcadia Avenue Park Avenue Alexandra Street Renwick Street
Bowman Street Roseby Street Cambridge Street Roseby Street
Seymour Street Cary Street Sisters Crescent Tavistock Street
College St Day Street Therry Street Thornley Street
Edwin Street Tranmere Street Formosa Street Lyons Road (East of South Street)
Victoria Road Malborough Street Wrights Road St Georges Crescent
Albert Street Queen Victoria Street     


Chiswick - Area 2
Blackwall Point Road


Strathfield - Area 3
Ada Street Lloyd George Avenue Alexandra Street Manson Road
Coles Street Melbourne Street Swan Avenue Cooper Street
Parramatta Road Daly Avenue Franklyn Street


Concord West - Area 4
Boronia Street Loch Maree Parade Moala Street Colane Street
Merville Street Phoenic Avenue Concord Road Nullawarra Avenue
Hospital Road Currawang Street Fermont Street Killoola Street (East of Concord Road)
Tulloch Avenue (South of Concord Road)


Concord West - Area 5
Bangalla Road Concord Road Castlesteagh Street Coonong Road
Harrison Ave Wallaroy Street Phoenix Avenue (South of Concord Road) Queen Street (North of Bangalla Road)
Killoola Street (West of Concord Road)

Visitor Parking Scheme

Visitor Parking permits expire on 30 June annually.

Business Parking Schemes

Allows business owners/operators who have limited or no off-street parking to park in the vicinity of their business property. A maximum of two business permits can be issued to an eligible business premises per year and strict eligibility criteria applies.

Business Parking Permits expire on 30 June annually. 

Parks Parking Schemes

Designed to provide preferential parking for residents and ratepayers in Cabarita Park and Bayview Park. Residents and ratepayers of City of Canada Bay can receive two free Parks Permits per year whereas non-residents/non-ratepayers are charged for permits.

Park Parking permits expire on 30 June annually.

Replacement Permits

Can be issued for Resident, Business and Parks permits. This allows for permits which have been damaged or destroyed and for the changeover/sale of vehicles. Lost or destroyed Visitor permits cannot be replaced within the current permit year.

How to apply for a Permit


Once you have downloaded the correct application form found under ‘Related Items’ below, you should return the completed form and copies of any required documents to Council by email, mail, or in person at Council's Civic Centre.

For more information about Permit Parking, please see our Parking Policy under 'Related Items', below. If you have any enquiries in regard to parking permits please contact Customer Service on 9911 6555 or on Livechat via Council’s website

New Parking Strategy

Parking in Cabarita and Bayview Parks

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