Phoenix Park Playground Rhodes
Phoenix Park Playground Rhodes

The City of Canada Bay provides and maintains over 40 high quality, innovative playgrounds across the City, ranging from smaller play spaces located in neighbourhood and district parks to larger iconic playgrounds including McIlwaine Reserve, Timbrell Park and Queen Elizabeth Park.

In 2007, Council adopted its Lets Play Playground Strategy, which provides direction for the future provision and management of playgrounds and environments within the City of Canada Bay. Let's Play assists Council to ensure that the provision of playgrounds responds to and remains relevant to the children and families in the area.

In 2010, the work of Council was recognised when it was awarded the Special Community Facilities Award for the Timbrell Park All Abilities Playground (Livvi’s Place), which is designed for children of all ages and abilities.

Let's Play has increased the potential of our City's playgrounds and broadened play opportunities, balancing the need to provide and maintain the physical asset with that of the children and families who use these places.

Let's Play provides four outcomes for our children and families around the following areas:

  1. Well planned playgrounds that are within reach of everyone in the community.
  2. Challenging, inviting and well maintained playgrounds for children and families.
  3. Sustainable playgrounds through good design, appropriate funding and partnerships.
  4. Meeting places that provide a variety of opportunities - promoting community connections and interactions.

To view the range of play opportunities in our City please view our Let's Play Update document.

Given the changes in our City and the delivery of actions and outcomes in Let's Play, it is timely to review. The next reiteration of the playground strategy will be undertaken over the coming six months and will build on the successes to date, and reflect the evolving needs of our community.

Further information about playgrounds located within the City of Canada Bay Local Government Area can be found below.

Let's Play Playground Strategy

Friends of the Park

Alexandra Reserve Playground - Drummoyne

Allison Park Playground - Chiswick

Battersea Park Playground - Abbotsford

Bayview Park Playground - Concord

Brett Park Playground - Drummoyne

Cabarita Park Playgrounds - Cabarita

Central Park Playground - Concord

Phoenix Park Central Park Playground - Rhodes

Chiswick Park Playground - Chiswick

Coralie Reserve Playground - Wareemba

Corby Ave Reserve Playground - Concord

Croker Park Playground - Five Dock

Drummoyne Park Playground - Drummoyne

Dunlop Reserve Playground - Drummoyne

Edwards Park Playground - Concord

Five Dock Park Playground - Five Dock

Rhodes Foreshore Park Playground - Rhodes

Fred Kelly Place Playground - Five Dock

Goddard Park Playground - Concord

Halliday Park Playground - Five Dock

Henley Park Playground - Concord

Henry Lawson Park Playground - Abbotsford

Howse Park Playground - Concord

Kendall Reserve Playground - Cabarita

Kings Park Playground - Five Dock

Majors Bay Reserve Playground - Concord

Maple Reserve Playground - Five Dock

McIlwaine Park Playground - Rhodes

Mill Park Playground - Rhodes

Montague Park Playground - Drummoyne

Nield Park Playground - Rodd Point

Peg Paterson Park Playground, Rhodes

Prince Edward Park Playground - Cabarita

Queen Elizabeth Park Playground - Concord

Rhodes Park Playground - Rhodes

Roberts Reserve Playground - Five Dock

Rothwell Park Playground - Concord

Russell Park Playground - Drummoyne

Hoskins Reserve - Rhodes

Sibbick Street Reserve Playground - Russell Lea

Taplin Park Playground - Drummoyne

All Abilities - Livvi's Place - Five Dock

W A McInnes Park Playground - Rhodes

Warbrick Park Playground - Concord West

Werrell Reserve Playground - Abbotsford

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