Resourcewise - Sustainable Business Program
Resourcewise - Sustainable Business Program

Resourcewise is Council’s Sustainable Business program.

The program has helped businesses reduce energy and water usage, minimise waste sent to landfill and increase social sustainability by building links between business and the community.

Resourcewise has created opportunities for businesses, community members and government to work together to achieve quantifiable reductions in resource usage.

Hear what our successful resourcewise businesses have to say about the program:


There are four components within the program and businesses can sign up for one, some or all of them. You can start with one and add others later, it’s up to you. The four components are:  


Energywise looks at working with businesses to reduce their energy usage and costs. This includes encouraging energy-saving behaviour and changing to more energy-efficient equipment and lighting. The first step is to help you understand your current usage.

Waterwise will identify opportunities for your business to become more water-efficient and will help find any hidden water leaks. Join the program and we will take a detailed look at your current practices and make recommendations to help start saving water and money right away.
Wastewise recognises waste from business as a potential resource. We will review your current waste practices with you and identify opportunities to ‘avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle’, reducing the volume of waste that your business sends to landfill.
  Communitywise asks you to consider your business as part of the community, both locally and more broadly. There is a range of ways that your business can improve its social sustainability - from sustainable purchasing to charitable contributions to accessibility. We will work with you to determine the best ways for your business to increase its community connections.

After your business signs up to a component of resourcewise, the Sustainable Business Officer carries out a baseline audit of your operations in this area. Then we work with you to set realistic improvement targets, develop an action plan and provide advice and support to assist you in making changes.

Once your business has made improvements we will review your operations. If your business achieves its target, Council will present you with a window sticker to publicise your achievement, and add your business to its Sustainable Business Directory.

Sustainable Business Directory

To view the achievements of the participating businesses please refer to the resourcewise Sustainable Business Directory.

When your business achieves success through the resourcewise program you will have the opportunity to be included in case studies and other media and your business will be eligible for nomination in Council’s Sustainability Awards

See business case studies here.

More information and registration

To participate in the program, please complete the registration form. For more information please contact the Sustainable Business Officer on 9911 6455, or by emailing

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Sustainable Business Directory

View achievements of our sustainable businesses:

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