The DA process

Carrying out development in the City of Canada Bay may need written approval from Council.  Below you will find information on what types of development require approval and the process of obtaining approval and completing your development.

Development proposals also often inlcude the need for new or altered driveways off the public road. You will find detailed information on the driveway approval process below.

Step 1 - Does your development require approval?

Step 2 - Review the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and the Development Control Plan (DCP)

Step 3 - Talk to Council, your Neighbours and Consultants before you prepare your Application

Step 4 - Preparing and Submitting Your Application

Step 5 - Documentation Required for a Development Application (DA) - Note: Electronic Copies of Documentation

Step 6 - Public Notification

Step 7 - Assessment of your Application

Step 8 - Determination of your Application

Step 9 - Review and Appeals

Step 10 - Construction Phase

Step 11 - Amending your Approved Development

Page last updated on: 08/05/18

Council's Certification Team

For specialist building certification work on all residential and commercial developments contact the City of Canada Bay's Certification Team on 9911 6407 or visit the Certification Team webpage below:

Council Fees and Charges

The City of Canada Bay Fees and Charges Schedule contains the updated 2016-17 fees and charges.

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