Transforming into a smart city

29 June 2018 | Council
Transforming into a Smart City one meter at a time 

The City of Canada Bay is introducing a unique smart way to save thousands of dollars each year in water rates using intelligent 4G mobile technology, said City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas. 

Smart water meter data loggers have been installed at 56 high water usage Council buildings and parks through the City. The innovative meters use 4G mobile technology to monitor water consumption at each site with live data.

“The City of Canada Bay is a leader in environmental best practice. We demonstrate a commitment to sustaining the environment through outstanding projects across the City,” said Mayor Tsirekas. 

The technology will allow us to track and monitor water usage immediately identifying any potential water leaks, massively reducing water consumption and saving the Council in water charges in the future. 

“We are building a truly smart city for our future using intelligent design, technology, creativity and data analysis to improve sustainability regarding managing energy and resources. This new revolutionary data analysis is giving us a push in the right direction to becoming sustainably fit for our future.”

A recent trial at Concord Oval allowed us to identify and fix a significant water leak, and on average will save over $25,000 per year in water charges.

“The sustainability program within our City includes a range of projects to help reduce waste, energy and save money and improve our environmental footprint.”
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