Iron Cove foreshore and waterway
Iron Cove foreshore and waterway

The City of Canada Bay has over 35km of foreshore along the Parramatta River and Iron Cove, which is why water management is important for our area. The majority of the rainwater and stormwater run-off in our catchment, drains to these waterways via our roofs, roads, drainage network and open spaces. Due to our urbanised environment, we play a vital role in how the run-off water is managed to prevent our waterways becoming polluted.

Council actively looks at ways to address both biodiversity and water quality through catchment management initiatives such as the Catchment to Cove Project and by management of our pollution control devices or Gross Pollutant Traps.

The City of Canada Bay is a member of the Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG), which looks at the effects of urban run-off on the wider catchment. There is also information relating to the Beachwatch program run by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

In 2014, the Our Living River initiative was launched by the PRCG to make the Parramatta River swimable again and to create a world class river that Sydney deserves.

Using total or integrated water cycle management and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles at the domestic level and broader catchment level, we can improve the quality of water that reaches our waterways. At a domestic level, rainwater tanks and grey water reuse systems reduce the amount pollutants reaching our waterways by reducing the run-off created by roof areas.

Catchment Management


Water Sensitive Urban Design

Rainwater tanks

Greywater reuse

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